Slimming and Toning Body Fat.

CRYOSKIN for Belly Fat

Cryoskin has been transported from Paris, the beauty capital of the World, the first of its kind in the US. It is available exclusively at Skingevity Med Spa. Using a 3-phase thermal shock to destroy unwanted fat cells, eliminate cellulite and improve collagen production.


Is it hard for you slim certain areas of your body? Fat is extremely stubborn and is hard to lose even if you're doing everything right. CRYOSKIN can help slim your body in areas that you are struggling with. Visit us today as we are the experts in CRYOSKIN.

This treatment is 20 minutes in length, cold therapy only. Again we will focus on one area at a time but we can perform more than one area in a session. The device will drop to -2ºC this causes local metabolism and microcirculation to improve in the area we are focusing on, with both these components improving this will boost your production of collagen eliminating cellulite, toning the area and reducing the signs of aging.


A Cryoskin toning facial uses cool temperatures to widen the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. This increase in oxygen supply boosts collagen production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improves skin elasticity. A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.

CRYOSKIN for Slimming & Toning

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