September 21, 2023

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss: Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want

You’ve spent months losing weight and you’re finally down to those few final pounds, but you feel stuck. It seems like no matter what you do, the fat in that one problem area will never go away.

You’ve tried special exercises, dieting, supplements…all to no avail. If you’re stuck with fat that just won’t budge, you may be wondering why, and you’re not alone. The fact is, traditional weight loss and dieting is great when you need to lose weight, but it just isn’t the solution when you are looking to reshape your body. This is because diet and exercise simply change the size of your fat cells.

Cryoskin is a treatment that can assist with body slimming, particularly in areas where fat is difficult to lose. At Skingevity, we're an Official Cryoskin treatment center and can get you the best results possible.